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Predicting places from names in the UK

Single Name

Where is your surname
unusually popular?
Your Surname:
maps places in
the UK where one(or two)
surnames have a historically
unusually high local population.

You can try it on your own, or add
your partner's or friend's too, and we'll
try and map any mutual location.

named is an alpha quality product -
we get it right for many kinds of
names, but likely very wrong
for others. Let us know
how it does with the
feedback buttons.


Where we think
you might have met
Your Surname

Their Surname

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Find out about how it works in this blog post at, or in this press release.
What does it mean? Maps produced by named could indicate your family history, migration patterns, or just be a quirk. We are mapping where surnames are unusually prevalent, compared with the local general population (hence why rural areas often show up in the map - as it doesn't take many people with your surname to lead to a strong result there.) Very rare names are not mapped to preserve privacy.

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our other
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named is created by Oliver O'Brien (UCL Dept of Geography) with the KDE map generation code from ASU School of Computing, and uses data from the edited Electoral Roll for the United Kingdom. © UCL 2016. Background map © Crown Copyright & database right Ordnance Survey (OGL) & OpenStreetMap contributors (ODbL). Privacy policy. Terms and conditions.